And to celebrate the repurchase of a new logo - There Is a Way – There Is a Way

Repurchase of domain successful

And I am very proud to announce the today’s repurchase of after its unfortunate loss to domainjackers. Luckily they did not see it as potential cash and released the domain. Pretending lack of interest to reacquire it worked for us. Yeay. registrar is Juboxi's choice. "No Bullshit" is their registered slogan. registrar is Juboxi’s choice. “No Bullshit” is their registered slogan.

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Prlly going to rebrand back to The wordplay does not make much sense to non-Finnish speakers.

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Cross-posting of posts onto #commercialsome now enabled. Support your local #freesome and join one or many of the networks

Jetpack by is now installed and functional and this and all subsequent post should find it’s way automatically to @Palestinetunnel twitter and

Jetpack by enables automatic cross-posting to #commercialsome and many other things

Support your local #freesome, join

Uncategorized WordPress updated and wp-gnusocial plugin installed

Hello. Just  a short post to test if the GNU social glue is working.

Our addess is – Connect with us!

If you are not on GNU social yet join or one of the many other active nodes listed at

GNU social is a promising #freesome